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    Almost done :) I just have a few final questions – would appreciate your help.

    This is the site http://www.easttowestcommunications.net

    1. I followed the instructions to change the font available here https://kriesi.at/support/topic/cufon#post-83 – BUT although the font appeared in the avisio options’ drop down menu, when I select it nothing is changing. I want to change both the tiles AND the content to the new font (Futura Light).

    2. Is there any way of reducing the space between the bottom border of the slider and the thumbnails for the slider, and the space just under the thumbnails. It’s unnecessarily wide now.

    3. When I select the orange for the background to the slider, I am getting the borders and the end of the footer in a brown. Is there any way I can change this colour (I want to repeat the colours of the logo there).

    4. Can I change the titles of each page to a different colour (without changing the colour of the menu link)?

    5. Can I remove the shadow that is beneath the slider?

    Thanks for your help!



    1.) It looks like your Cufon font file needs uploading (http://easttowestcommunications.net/wp-content/themes/avisio/framework/fonts/Cufon_400.font.js returns a 404 Page Not Found error).

    2.) Add this code to the end of style.css:

    #wrapper_featured_stripe { height: 100px !important; }
    .slideshowThumbs { top: 10px !important; }
    #top .big_button { top: 8px !important; }

    You can adjust the values as necessary.

    3.) The top and bottom borders are an image overlay in black with an opacity of about 30% (at a guess). You can change it to the colours in the logo by adding this code to the end of style.css:

    .overlay_top, .overlay_bottom {
    background-color: #F0B668;
    background-image: none !important;

    4.) Yep, add this code to the end of style.css – change the colour to your liking:

    h1.siteheading a { color: #666666 !important; }

    5.) Add this code to the end of style.css:

    .wrapper_shadow .center { background: none !important; }

    Let us know how you get on :)



    Hello again,

    Thanks for your help. Some solved, some not :)

    1. I don’t understand what I did wrong re fonts. I uploaded them to the server by FTP – and it is showing in the drop down menu. Should I upload them somewhere else?

    2. Done. Thanks.

    3. Done. BUT, it did not change the colour of the footer – how can I change that?

    4 and 5. Done, but did not like it and changed them back :)

    So the problems remaining are the font, and the colour of the footer.

    Preparing to buy my next template from your team, as the support is excellent.

    Thanks a lot.



    1.) If you’ve uploaded the font to the correct directory as per the default theme structure, this may be a restriction on JS files loading which is in your .htaccess file or a restriction added by your host. It may be worth contacting them to see what’s going on at their end.

    2.) Awesome :)

    3.) I thought you only wanted to change the colour of the top and bottom overlay image?? If you want to change the whole footer background, this is defined in the theme options and you’ve set it to: Orange #FA5D1E

    4.) Awesome :)

    5.) Awesome :)

    Let us know if your host can see what’s going on with the font and how you get on changing the background colour.



    Hi James,

    We’ve managed to upload the font – but it has only changed the titles of the page. Looks great. BUT, I would also like to change the main content to Futura Light. How do I do that please?

    Thanks a million




    in header.php replace following line:

    $applyCustomFontTo = '#top h1, #top  h2, #top h3, #top  h4, #top  h5, #top  h6, #top  legend, #top .sliderheading, .big_button strong, .dynamicFont';


    $applyCustomFontTo = 'body, #top h1, #top  h2, #top h3, #top  h4, #top  h5, #top  h6, #top  legend, #top .sliderheading, .big_button strong, .dynamicFont';

    However I wouldn’t recommend this modifcation because of some drawbacks (resources, loading times, display errors with Cufon on some devices….)

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