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    I have a problem with this site:

    The AviaCorion SIider and the Corona Combo Widget work perfect, when surfed via DSL / WLAN on a pc/mac Laptop, ipad and iphone!

    If I check the site with ipad / iphone via 3G, the AviaCorion Slider area remains white, the recent posts in the combo widget doesn’t display.

    The same thing happens on a laptop, surfing via Telekom 3G.

    Anybody some ideas how to solve this phaenomenon?

    Thanx, Juergen



    I’m not aware of any code limitations which might affect the website if you use 3G connections. Maybe you’re using plugins (cache plugins, etc. which try “optimize” the website for mobile devices or UMTS/3G connections) or your devices/the telekom exclude files to guarantee fast loading times/low traffic volume? I can’t replicate the error with Orange 3G.



    thank you for your quick answer! I´ve tried several cache plug-ins and “WP Minify” worked out fine!

    The site now diplays correctly on all platforms! Thanx for this great theme and the support!



    Great to see it works now. Thanks for letting us know how you solved it :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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