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    Hi, I`am afraid I broke something in the *.po, *.mo files and I need your help to get it working.

    Basicly what i did was,

    open default.po, edit it a little bit in notepad (only adding translations), save

    open default.po with poedit, edit more, save (it crashes constantly so I abandoned it)

    copy default.po to pl_PL.po

    open pl_PL.po with notepad and edit little more, then with poedit more, save it (no was created, I don’t know if it is expected behavior)

    copy to

    open pl_PL.po with poedit, edit it more.

    But it keep on not working and I have no idea why is that, please HELP!

    Note: Backend language is set to pl_PL, the whole backend is translated as expected.

    Note2: I checked if the files from webroot/wp-content/languages work at webroot/wp-content/themes/corona/lang and the result of the test was that they worked.

    The domain of the webroot =


    Hi jootro,

    I’ve flagged this topic for another of the support crew who is more comfortable with WPML and should be able to help sort things out for you. If you have not already, I would definitely suggest reading through the wpml documentation to get familiar with the basics of edting .po and mo files.




    The reason why it doesn’t work is that is required to translate your website. It doesn’t make sense to rename to because th mo file is a compiled version of the po file. Did you try plugins like: ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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