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    Sorry for such a newbie question but.. how do I change the language of the theme? I know how to change the backend, but I thought there would be an option to change the frontend in spanish.



    Choices does not offer a translation feature or a translation plugin out of the box. You need to use plugins like: WPML. Choices itself is translation ready though – thus you can translate the theme itself by using tools like Poedit and the default.po file which is located in the choices/lang folder.


    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    I’ve ust opened the es_ES.po file with Poedit and I see it already has all the translations I require. What shall i do with it? should it not work if i rename it to default.po?


    Oh ok, I just noticed that Choices already includes the language files. Previous themes just support English and German out of the box. Ok, then make sure that you’re using the Spanish WordPress version. You can download it here: http://es.wordpress.org/


    Should it not be ok if I’m using an english WP installation with the es_ES.mo file on the language folder? That’s my configuration right now, but the theme frontend is still showing in english (backend is in spanish).



    No, you need to use/switch to the Spanish version.

    Best regards,



    Hey Dude, I’ve just installed a brand new spanish WP on http://www.rutasriasbaixas.com/ and activated Choices, but all the texts of the theme are still in english. Is there anything specific I need to do and that I’m missing out?

    Thanks a lot


    The same happens to me. Like Mediosordo, I have just bought this theme, but the texts are in english. I have, from the begining, the Spanish WordPress version. I have checked the wp-config.php to make sure that the language is in spanish.

    What I saw is that it was a es_ES.po file but the .mo file it hadn’t the .mo extension (it was only es_ES -without the extension-). Maybe was that? Some problem with the file?



    I have refreshed the site, and now is working the front-end. Mediosordo, I don’t know if that happens to you, but I putted the extension to the file (.mo) and now is working to me…

    … except the Backend, which I have in english yet (I mean, Theme options and Template builder).



    Just renamed the file addig the .mo extension but it’s still not working. Do I have to copy/paste those language files on the theme folder to the main WP language folder?


    You need to place the es_ES.mo file into the wp-content/themes/choices/lang folder. If you’re not sure if es_ES.mo really exists open up es_ES.po with a tool like Poedit and hit the “Save file” button. Poedit will generate 2 files – one of them is es_ES.mo which you need to place/upload into the lang folder.


    Finally… done! thanks a lot.

    For your information the language files also work with an english WP installation with the language change defined on wp-config.php.


    Mediosordo. Do you have the content of Theme options and Template builder in spanish? Thanks.


    No, that’s the only bit that’s still in english, but not too bothered really.



    The backend theme panel (Theme options and Template builder) are not translatable yet.




    Oh, ok.


Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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