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    I have purchased some day ago your VELVET theme and I like this Ken Burns slider form the frontpage:

    I would like to use exact this slider (with this zooming effect) in CORONA, too.

    Any chance for this?




    various changes to the backend and slider php/js/css code are required and it’s not easily possible.


    ok, I see … very sad, because it’s a great option for the sliders, too. Perhaps with an update? :-)


    Maybe if we get more requests regarding this feature….


    This would be fine :-)


    Since so many plugins for the ken burns effect fail to work with CORONA – don’t know why :-( – I’m still interesting in this, anybody, too?


    I think it’s very unlikely that Kriesi will include this feature. We got no other requests regardingv the KenBurns slider. I tested the Estro slider Plugin with Corona and it worked for me (however I can’t guarantee anything).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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