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    I’m looking through the files, but nowhere i can find something to change the speed of the Ken Burns slider.

    Where can i change this!?




    you can change the auto rotation speed for each post/page individually. Go to the post/page editor page and set the slideshow speed for your slider there.



    and where can I change the transition speed of the Ken Burns Slider in Velvet?

    I don’t mean the speed of the rotation of all images, but the speed of a single Ken Burns zooming.



    The default settings can be found in js/aviationslider.js – search for following code:

    defaults =
    autorotation: false, // autorotation true or false?
    autorotationSpeed: 6, // duration between autorotation switch in Seconds
    slides: 'li', // wich element inside the container should serve as slide
    animationSpeed: 2000, // animation duration
    appendControlls: true, // should slidecontrolls be appended or should we use none/predefined,
    externalControlls: ['.thumbnails_container','li'], //check for external controlls and apply click binding
    appendCaption: false, // should a caption be created by using the slideshow images alt tag?,
    captionOpacity: 0.7, // caption opacity
    captionClass: 'slideshow_caption' // caption class

    The autorotation speed and the animation speed affect the kenburns transition time.


    thanks a lot!



    Glad that I could help you :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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