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    The slides appear but the motion has stopped as has the transition from slide to slide. All Plugins have been disabled and activated one by one. I wondered if this is a known issue at all?



    Hi websitedude1985,

    I’m not having any issues with the effect on WP 3.5 and Velvet 1.1.6.

    Maybe try re-adding your images to the page and setting the settings once again.




    Hi there, my version of Velvet was heavily customised in terms of its style and so it is not updated to 1.1.6 – do you have any idea of which file(s) I could try swapping out? Or which Ken Burns it is as I see that one of the Ken Burns on Code Canyon does report issues with WP 3.5



    You can try updating just the files mentioned in the version.rtf in the main package you download from themeforest.


    Hi there, I have looked at the file differences and these are too great for simply swapping the files ;o(

    I wondered if there is a more likely file that would impact upon the slider settings??? or a particular part of the code that might be specifically involved in the control of the Ken Burns slider effects that I can check?

    Sorry to be a pain ;o)


    I really can’t say as it isn’t just the effect that has to be updated but the functions that will make things compatible with wordpress 3.3+ (my guess).


    is the Ken Burns part a third party piece of code? If so I could look into things with them if you can tell me which it is (if it is on Code Canyon that is) :o)


    It wouldn’t work like that. The version.rtf shows all you need to update is the framework folder, the functions.php file and the style.css for the version number to go from 1.1.6 to 1.3.

    Try just replacing those folders and it should all work fine and be fully updated.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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