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    I just finished translation of nearly every part of the theme, including woocommerce. But there is still that one word which doesn`t match with Piefke-Speech ;)

    How could I change the word Kassa on top left of the theme into Kasse, which is more common in Germany?

    Thnaks for answer!


    Hi TheGabriel,

    If you mean the top left menu which in english is “Log in | Cart | Checkout” then you can change that via wordpress in the Appearance>Menus manager.

    Just create a new menu with the titles and options you want and then use the Theme Locations meta box to assign this menu to the “Propulsion Sub Menu” using the dropdown.




    Hi Devin,

    sorry, but I still don`t get it.

    I have my own menu, but I don`t find any “Theme Locations meta box”. Where should it be?

    – I just get a main menu and sub menu option…


    Those are the two menu locations in your site. The dropdown for each will tell the theme what menus to use on those locations. The Sub Menu is the menu in the top left location.


    Yes, but where can I alter the default option names: “Log in | Cart | Checkout”?


    Okay, I have it!

    But there is even an issue…I can add “My Account / Cart / Checkout” to the sub menu, but if I log out, there is still “My Account”, instead of Register and Log In. What can I do to have Register and Log In when I`m logged out and My Account, when I am logged in. That is also what is default…


    I see what you mean. You could try translating those manually though they should be able to be translated automatically. Either way, the actual text for them is in your theme files config-woocommerce>config.php.

    Search for:

    function avia_shop_nav($args)

    Within this function are all the navigation items that are there by default.




    Thanks Devin!

    Seem to work for Piefke ;)


    Great! Glad that was it :)



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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