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    hi there, could you teach me how to build my replete just like the demo site?

    what are the plugins, configurations, etc?

    i am new at this and i found the demo site is sooo cool!!!

    thank you so much!! ^.^v


    You need to install woocommerce and bbpress first. Then go to the theme options panel and hit the “import dummy data” button which will import the demo content. The dummy data content is not exactly the same like the demo content because we’re not allowed to distribute the images from the demo (copyright, etc.) and we don’t want to “flood” the database with useless entries/data.


    okay, done that… but i still have a lot of questions about the demo site. is it okay if i posted everything here? or do you have like a tutorial video or articles or something? you know.. like “how to custom replete like the demo site” thing. i think that’ll really helpful for a total newbie like me



    The best thing to do would be if you imported the demo content thereby making your site into the demo site and then investigated how each particular page, post, portfolio and template were created . In order to import the demo content, please hit the button called ‘Import Dummy Data’ located in the admin area, Replete menu option on the left vertical menu > Theme Options …. Just please make sure you wait till everything loads, it takes a bit of time, and need to stay on that page and wait till its completed.




    my bad… i’ve done several customization before importing dummy data. that cause the site to not appear like the demo site..

    thank you @nick &@Dude :)



    If you have specific questions, please ask them. If you have suggestions for specific video tutorial on some confusing topic please don’t be shy and tell us.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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