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    Hello. I set up a new website using a different theme and switched to your theme after itwas recommended to me. However, I didnt download the dummy file, because it would have deleted all my content! I am therefore working in the dark, because I can’t seem to find a general tutorial. This is different from any other WordPress theme I have used to date. Basically, two immediate questions:

    1) When I open a post, I have a line of text along the top reading “Blog- latest news”. How do I eliminate that?

    2) The featured photo on each post is too large. Where can I alter this?

    3) For my Home page I like the layout of the page on your Choices Live Demo called Portfolio 4 Columns, because my site is about holiday rental properties,and I would like to have a selection of categories here, such as “Villas”, “Mansions”, “Apartments on the Beach”, “Mountain locations” etc, and people can click on each box to view what is in each category. Or I might even just list a selection of latest properties here. Can I do that? And can you guide me as to how to create that page? I tried to create a Template with Porfolio 4 Columns, and requested it to appear as a template option on a certain page, but when I open that new blank page to start working on it, that new template doesn’t appear in the Template dropdown list.

    4) I don’t really understand the Portfolio concept . What are Portfolio Items?


    Toni – my site, at the moment a mess, until I get to grips with this theme, is


    Hi ToniWaterm,

    Try to check this video tutorial on how to use the theme:

    For #1 Kindly open wp-content/themes/choices/template-blog.php and find this line of code:

    $title = __('Blog - Latest News', 'avia_framework'); //default blog title

    just replace the Blog – Latest News.

    Also change it inside wp-content/themes/choices/single.php

    For #2, I don’t recommend changing the width as it will only show an extra white space (which the image occupies), the image is automatically scaling on the size of container.

    For #3, Try to check the link above and check the video with this title:

    Abundance Theme Demo 6:

    Building improved layouts with the template builder

    For #4, Check the video above. :)

    Hope this helps. :)




    Thanks Ismael,

    In number 2 above, do you mean that it depends on the size of the image that is inserted? Should I control the size the image appears at by controlling the size of the images I upload? (you say it automatically scales to the size of the container – not sure what a container is but presume you mean it automatically scales to size of image inserted….?)

    I will check demo, thanks for that.

    My posts appear with numbers in round circles. I don’t want that, I don’t want them to have numbers. Can I change that?

    Thank you!



    Hi Toni,

    For the post image size, the container is the css box that holds the image. So on this post: , the post image gets sized to 610px by 458px.

    If you used something with a smaller width than 610px, it will expand to fit it. Height however you can just use an image that isn’t as tall which will make a smaller image on the individual post page. So something like 610px wide and 300px tall will work.

    To get rid of the dates on individual posts, you can try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #top.single-post .date {
    display: none;

    What this does is simple remove the content from the page. If you wanted to actually re-adjust the layout to remove the date and then adjust the content width you’ll need to modify the actual theme files and connect to your host via ftp.



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