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    Working on a site that is not public yet we upgraded to 1.6 in the past few weeks. When upgrading we had a problem where the “add elements” to the template stopped working. We documented it well in this topic. (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) ?message= (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -error

    We found a solution by deleting the theme choices completely and reloading it.

    However, now the following “JSON data from server could not be parsed. This is caused by a JSON formatting error” is displayed when you enter the backend going to the dashboard. One of our people continued development since we were almost done, adding widgets. That all worked fine except for this error when she went into the backend.

    Then I had her start working on the last item, the home page. To do that she need to add images to the slide show on pages we would want to show up in the home page with links. When opening any page to edit and “add image to slide show” the page the gets grayed out. You can not add an image or edit anything.

    I did shut off all plugins, and I can now add the image without the error. I do not get the JSON error when going into the backend. I am now adding them one by one to see when it fails. I will report back when I have more data.

    However, I added no plugins since upgrading to 1.6 all we did was upgrade choices.

    Is this related to the JSON error?

    What is JSON?

    When the incomplete install, the installation that had the first error in the “element details” happened, did that corrupt our database somehow?

    How do I solve the error, and at the same time not loose what we have done?


    Well I turned on the most important plugin first Cart66. With Choices 1.6 and Cart66 turned on JSON error is there and the screen greys out when trying to add an image to the slide show.

    The entire intent of this site is ecommerce.

    We have a testbed running Choices version 1.4 in maintenance mode that does not have this problem, it is running Cart66. Sounds like a solution (a bad one) would be to go back to 1.4.

    If I change to a default WP theme for testing I think I loose the settings on yours. If not let me know I can do that as a test.

    I will do further testing and report back. We bought a similar theme from another developer on Themeforest, I will upload and try that. Just for testing information. You guys have been so good over the years, I want to stay with a Kriesi product.



    Please create me a wordpress admin account and send me the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out)

    I’ll check the error with the dev console.

    Best regards,



    Done, sent through the website when I made the user.

    I did the 1.6 not the 1.4 let me know if you need that.

    Thank you for your kind help.


    Maybe I’m missing something but I updated your Cart66 to version and the error message is gone. I just hit the “Check for Updates” button on the debug page (Cart66 > Settings > Debug > Debug Data) and it showed me that you’re using version and that an update is available ( I installed the update and voila – no error message :)

    Tbh – I’d update all other plugins too because you’re using WP3.5.


    Thank you I woke up overnight thinking about that option. To be honest we have to delay upgrades on that plugin, often bugs exist for a few revisions.

    So no you did not miss anything, I did…

    Thanks for your help. Especially the extremely prompt response and personal service!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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