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    Im trying to use a jquery based carousel on the homepage of my site (using your Angular theme – which is great btw!). Im doing this by creating a page with the js code linked and the html code in the page. Problem is, when I use the jquery based transitions in the carousel, all the protfolio boxes that I have on the homepage no longer open in their own box in the current page, instead clicking them takes me to the portfolio page for that particular entry. How can I get the carousel (which behaves like a ticker of images) continue to transition, while having the portfolio boxes open up in the current page.

    When I remove the google code jquery.js file, or remove the link from the jquery code file in the theme, everything works fine (except the carousel of course, which shows up as images.

    Please help!



    Hi chawladhruv,

    The theme is already asking wordpress to load in jquery which is what the theme is using for a lot of the effects. So when you load it in again, things break.

    You can try setting it up without doubling up on the jquery but it may be that combing those two without specifically coding for it (and them to work together) it just wont work.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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