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    This is a problem I’m having with the javazine wordpress theme.

    I have for a while had problems with adding any media through the “Upload/Insert” buttons on the add/edit post page in wordpress.

    Now I have found out that when I turn off “enable jQuery?” aka diables jquery for the theme, the buttons work.

    It tooks to be jQuery that some how messes things up and disabling it for the javazine theme fixes the problem, but I need jQuery enabled for the theme.

    I’m thinking it may be because wordpress now uses jquery in the admin panel and javazine loads it again and this messes it up. I have made it work, but I have disabled the jquery option in the javazine option and inserted it manualy. It working now but not ideal. Is there a way to fix this gracefully so the “enable jquery” option still works?



    I’ll ask Kriesi to send me the theme files and I’ll look into it. It’s very likely caused by a hardcoded jquery path. If we replace it with the register/enqueue script function it will work again :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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