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    I checked in the forum and this issues has been posted 3months ago.

    Although I have the latest update, my animations for the slideshows/portfolio page are really clunky and not smooth at all. This really drives me nuts since this issue seems to be out there for long…

    The bigger my portfolio get, the slower my website, thus lower Page Speed. That is horrible considering that a Portfolio Website should be able to present great smooth animated portfolios…




    Hey guys, whats going on? Could someone please answer?


    Hi aj71785,

    Can we get a link to your site? The thread you linked has an eventual end as Kriesi released an update with several performance tweaks which should have fixed most of the issues.

    Performance is very hard to pin down as an issue. It could be the theme, wordpress, the host, image size, plugins or even computer/internet speed which makes diagnosing a description like not smooth and slow very difficult.

    If you have any other details on your hosting set up and can provide a link we’ll try and help as best we can.




    Hi Devin,

    I tried several things to nail it down or get a better understanding of what is causing this. The problem appears on the front page and on the portfolio since these are the two pages which have the image loader/slider

    But first the details.

    I tested the website from several systems including an

    -iMac latest generation with 12GB RAM

    -2011 MacBook Pro 13″ (weakest processor)

    -Windows Desktop running XP on a really old Pentium

    -iPad Generation 1 + 3

    On these system I have used various versions of Safari,FF, IE to check for the above mentioned issue. Almost all showed an identical clunky loading of the website. FF was a little better on the Macs but not on the older PC… Safari showed always bad performance with this image loading slider in Angular.

    The images have all been resized to match the specified size (in the supporting documentation file) for the long vertical image and the portfolio images. They are all between 20-40 KB, exported via Illustrator as jpeg and then again improved with WP SMUSH.IT.

    SInce I use some plugin-widgets in the footer i installed a lazy-load plugin to load all “external” footer widgets after the main site. This brought no change to the performance issue of the image loading slider.

    Then I wanted to know if the performance is improved if there are less images to load… After I removed the portfolio section from the frontpage, the main long vertical slider with the green image loads smooth again.. of course the performance decreases with every portfolio entry I add on the frontpage. The same applies for the portfolio page. Showing all 4 images = clunky, showing only 1 = smooth…

    I use usual webhosting but that shouldn’t be a problem given the small size of the images. To check if the image slider is the problem I also added the images as “sole” pictures to the frontpage and as expected they loaded immediately while the slider was loading clunky and making the website also “freeze” for half a second several times…

    Please, any help or workaround on this would really be appreciated!

    If there is any way to use some other technology for the slider/image loader from any other theme of Kriesi, please help me get this solved.

    Best wishes



    Hi Alex! I had same problem with that theme. Try to disable plugin called “Hyper Cache” it helped in my case. Plugin is enabled by default in wp installation.


    Hi Wizart,

    thanks for the support but I don’t have this plugin anymore. I tested it a while but I was not satisfied with the result so I removed it a long time ago.

    Thanks anyway



    Hi guys,

    would be nice if Kriesi would have a look at this since it drives me crazy. Also I would like to know if this is an problem that linked to Angular and if there would be a difference to swap to Coherence???





    I marked this post for Kriesi’s attention. Just to be – did you try to deactivate ALL plugins – maybe one causes the performance issues.




    Hey! We have updated the theme meanwhile and I have modified the javacript several times for performance improvements. please try to keep the theme up to date since I will try to make it faster with every new release :)

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