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    I needed to create a new form for my website that is using the Propulsion theme, but I cannot get the form to validate the form fields.

    Through much testing, I concluded that there is nothing wrong with my code, or the server settings, rather, it is a script that is running as a part of this theme that is interfering with the validation script.

    Here is a link to the form as part of the theme (does NOT validate):

    Here is a link to the form as part of a plain HTML page (does validate):

    Any idea what script could be running interference?

    I have been troubleshooting for hours! Any help would be greatly appreciated!




    I’m tagging the rest of the support team to see if they ideas.





    I just ordered some air from the first link. The form validated once I entered the 3 fields you wanted to validate. See if Nick-Support shows up anywhere. I used a win 7 with Google Chrome then with latest Firefox and then with IE9. Even recorded it so you can see for yourself.

    Small world. A long time ago I lived in Union Township, before it transformed.

    I would clear out the cache, or re-install your browser since one of the two is causing problems




    Weird, but it’s working now.

    Appreciate you taking a look at it!



    Hi thinkdm2,

    Glad that it’ fixed. :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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