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    I recently updated to the latest version of Flashlight. I’ve run into a few problems.

    1. My Flexible Gallery no longer functions correctly. I have all of my images loaded (in a previous version) but you can’t see anything. You can see all the images under the Portfolio/Gallery section.

    2. Another issue- all styles for my menu disappeared. I see all my menu descriptions, but they don’t show up and I’m unable to change the font for my menu. I can only change the font for the headings on the page. My colors are no longer functioning here either. No rollover and no main font color.

    3. When I try to attach an image to a blog entry. The image no longer shows up. It used to but no longer does. You will see the example in my “test post” entry. There should be an image there to the left when you roll over the post.


    Sorry..needed to put my web address.


    I’ve been able to solve all but number 3. Can you still help me please? Thanks,


    Hi april1fools,

    I’ve answered number 3 in your single post about the issue here:



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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