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    My site is

    Please check out the front page it will help make this Thread more easier to understand.

    I have little to no PHP knowledge. I installed the Theme and read the included doc and read some thread here and am still having issues completing the theme configuration.

    Here are my issues:

    1, My google ad on the side bar cannot be centered

    2. Added image to a post and for some reason the featured post thumbnail in the frontpage Slider is displaying the image in full size.

    3. I am unable to create the Mega Menu as shown in your example Theme.

    4. All the images (Slider and Post Area) are stretched, i need to change that. How do i make the images show in their original dimensions? Especially in the post Page,

    5. Also like to change the color of the links in the single post page and make some of them bold example the author name, and place the author name infront of the date.

    6. Also need to find out how to make the thumbnail of the Blog Layout – Full sized entries Display on the left of the text instead of on top of the text.(Only for the Blog Layout – Full sized long entries)

    And 7, will like the Blog Layout – Full sized entries with thumbnail on the left the default display format for the Archive and search result pages.



    1. The widget size is too small for the Google ads. You need to change the custom css so that the widget is 300px wide and then remove the padding. That should make it fit inside.

    2. and 4. You have to set a size for the featured images (the top ones) in your posts and upload all your images to that size (proportion). That will solve your image stretching problems and probably help with the thumbnails. You set the sizes by editing the functions.php file (the images sizes are set in the first part of the code). Just change the numbers to the dimensions you want your images to be. I find 620 x 400 px is a pretty good size.

    3. Search the shoutbox forum for setting up megamenus. Someone was asking about it recently.

    6. and 7. This is more complicated since it means changing the way posts are displayed. Chris or Dude might be able to help.

    5. Changing link type styles and colours just involves a few simple css changes. Switching the order of the meta is a bit more complicated since you need to change some .php files. Again Chris or Dude can help you.

    Sorry this is all a bit quick, but it should help you along until the others drop by.

    Use firebug with firefox to help you learn what happens when you change different css elements on websites. It’s a good way to start.



    Thanks for the response, very much appreciated.

    I fix the issue with with the Stretched pictures and I believe i’ve found the solution to the Mega menu. Thanks again.

    Am kinda new to wordpress, as in i’ve been using Woodpress but never need to change the codes before. Now i do have a fundamental understanding of CSS and and General Coding, but not PHP.

    One of my biggest problems is finding the file am surpose to edit and when i do find the file another issue is finding the line that needs to be changed.

    1. I edited this: $avia_config = array(‘width’=>570, ‘height’=>350); // image for pages in the Function.php changed the image to 570 by 350. and now I don’t know how to center the image. The image in the Post page is aligned left top. Am trying to align it middle center. What page do i find that?

    2. I don’t know which file to edit to Fix the AD area issue, and can you please also tell me what line to edit.

    3. and with regard the changing the color of the Links in the single post page which CSS file and line should i edit.

    Thanks again for the response


    Can anyone help please


    Hi tuviere,

    Make sure to only css changes to either the Quick CSS at the bottom of Layout and Styling or the cusom.css stylesheet in the css folder so that if you need to update the theme later your changes aren’t lost. It also helps to determine what you have added or modified to the base theme so far.

    For the images, in order to prevent any kind of stretching, use a larger image size. 620px by 350px should get everything looking good without much issue.

    Since you’ve changed to a smaller image size for the single pages, try adding the following to either your quick css or custom.css:

    .post-entry .slideshow_container {
    top: -9px;
    left: -8px;

    For the ad, you can try adding the following as well:

    #text-3.widget_text {
    padding: 0px;
    width: 300px;

    I’m not sure which links you mean, but if you are not already I would suggest checking out Firebug for Firefox. It will help you easily identify the classes and attributes that you can modify by adding to your Quick CSS or custom.css and then customizing. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -users




    Thanks a million for your help. I was able to make changes required to CSS but now realize the other changes am trying to make can only be done by editing php files and my php knowledge is next to zero.

    Am trying to make display the news / Blog section as display in the site

    and how do i increase he number of news / blog articles per page. right now it only goes as far as nine



    Changing .php files isn’t a big deal. Just download them from the shoutbox folder on your server, edit them in a text editing program, save them and re-upload them back to where they came from. I always keep a folder called “original files” inside the theme where the various .php files are so a copy of the unchanged ones are always there if I ever need them. It’s a very good idea to write down or mark the changes you make because if you ever need to update the theme, it’s easy to forget which .php files you changed later on. It’s not so easy to spot like in a custom .css file.

    The guys here will usually give you the code changes you need. They’re great. Compared to other support sites, this one is fantastic.



    Hey tuviere,

    I can’t quite help you make the site look exactly like the one you linked as it would be beyond what support can offer. It would require a lot of individual tweaks for your own taste as well.

    If you aren’t comfortable modify the theme files and creating your own css, a freelance developer is a good option too. Changes like you would like shouldn’t take more than a few hours to implement since they seem to be just visual.

    You can increase the number of articles on the front page under Main News Page in the theme admin.




    Thanks alot guys am going to look into freelance, but still need to know how to increase the number of post displaying right now the max number is 9, and thats not enough how do i increase that?


    Hi tuviere,

    You can change the number of featured posts, Full Sized Entries and others under the Main News Page tab in the theme options area.




    Is there a way to make the page refresh when a user clicks the next button on the photo gallery in the single post page. So one post can generate multiple hits from one user like in this example (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .html


    There is not a way that I am aware of no.


    ok thanks

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