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    I seem to have run into some issues since upgrading to 3.01.

    I have noticed that on the add new slider entries page there is no longer an area to post the url link when i select ‘link manually’

    Also i have notice alot of problems with uploading a feature image. I always get error messages now. And im finding it impossible to actually load the image. Any suggestions


    Is there an upgrade for 3.01?

    Updating has lost me a lot of functionality.

    I have noticed that i cant upload featured images also.

    An upload lightbox used to pop out but now it just links me straight to another page and wont allow me to upload at all without an error message.


    I’m not aware of any bugs with Avisio / WP 3.0.1, and I’ve just added a new slide to my test site without any problems.

    Which plugins are you currently running? Does deactivating them all fix the issue?

    What’s the error message you’re getting? This may explain the problem (although PHP error tend to be a bit cryptic).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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