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    I purchased the Avia Feedback Box plugin and have had a few different issues since trying to install. Initially the plugin did not render any of the styling and the page just displayed all text (now css, js or ajax). I decided to uninstall, clean out my plugin directory completely and the do a manual install through my ftp server. The fresh install allowed for the css, js and ajax to display the page correctly but with a different set of problems.

    I searched through your support pages and found multiple instances where people have similar problems to my – namely, the “add entry” button did nothing and the “info” button did not show the hover text. Most issues seemed to be a result of calling the js library in both the theme header and the plugin. I deleted the lines as stated in a few posts but nothing changed. I deactivated all plugin and still the site did not work.

    Thinking I may get lucky again, I again deactivated the plugin and uninstalled. I again installed the plugin through my ftp server and ow the plugin again will not render any of the css, js or properly execute the ajax (similar to another support thread where the item never stops loading and multiple items show up in the feedback setting).

    Any help would be appreciated, as I can’t seem to figure out what is going on.


    Can you provide a link please?


    The site currently is behind a “coming soon page” at

    I can email you the login information for the back end or let me know a day you want to look and I can disable the redirect page. so you can get in.

    Thanks for the reply and any help you can offer. The client is asking me to make this site on the “cheap” as they are limited in budget to the grant money they received.



    Please unlock the site for now and let us know when we can gain access.

    Please also detail the specific problems you are having, and confirm you are using the latest version of WordPress.

    If possible please activate the Twenty Ten (default) theme and disable any plugins to ensure this is not a 3rd party script conflicting causing the problem.



    I have deactivated all plugins and uninstalled/reinstalled the Avia Feedback Box plugin again. It seems to work fine in the Twenty Ten theme but still renders incorrectly in my current modified theme – Adinda (purchased from Theme Forest). As such I have left that theme active in hopes that you may find where the scripting error is. From my initial look through, it appears as if with the Adinda theme activated, the script to load the Avia CSS does not appear in the <head>.

    I have tested leaving feedback in both the twenty Ten theme and the activated theme. In Twenty Ten, the system seems to work perfectly. In the Adinda theme, I can leave feedback but the CSS is not loading/referenced in the <head> and the ajax seems to never finish loading (refreshing the page brings up a warning about the current content being lost – the refresh then submits the content of the feedback form again and again does not stop loading).

    As this is not your theme, I understand if you wish to hand off the searching for conflicts/errors to to myself or the theme creator. Thanks!



    as far as I can see jQuery is loaded twice because the theme uses it’s own file. Try to delete the jquery reference (header.php). Find following line (or a similiar because the theme author very likely uses a php function to get your domain name/path dynamically) :

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    and delete it.


    Found the line in the header and removed it. Doing so took out all javascripting for the site including cufon and all the png sprites. When I added it back, site went back to functioning normal but again feedback box did not work.


    I copied the head content from the working site when in Twenty Ten Theme and compared to the none working site with the Adinda Theme. The two lines of code missing were:

    <link rel="stylesheet" id="avia_feedback_box-css" href="" type="text/css" media="all">


    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    When I added that to the Adinda Theme header the Feedback Box page now renders correctly and the “info pop=up box” works. However, when you click to add a new idea the form shows itself and then immediately goes away. Am I missing another script that calls back to the pluggin?


    It seems like we have a real js conflict now (because jquery is working correctly). Something causes the fade out effect to start automatically everytime. I’m not sure which js conflicts though. The fade out effect code looks like:

    if(voteCounts == 0 && !$(link).is('.avia_inactive'))

    – this if statement must be “true” or the addlink class is used somewhere else otherwise the feedback box would work correctly….


    I am stuck at work all day today. I will try to do some more investigation later today but in the meantime I need to put the “Coming Soon” page pack up to prevent any unwanted site traffic.

    Thanks again for helping to solve this issue.


    Ok, so I removed all .js src lines from the header and then pasted them one by one, testing the site after each addition. The culprit appears to be the js src and the action script to run the WIP.slider.js:

    script type="text/javascript" src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/js/WIP.slider.js"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript">
    <?php if(is_home()) { echo "jQuery('#featured').WIPslider();"; } else { echo "jQuery('#page-featured').WIPslider();"; } ?>

    I can’t seem to find any reference to the “addlink” class as you described. Here is the js text. Is there something that seems to conflict? I admit I know little to nothing about javascripting and defer to you for advise.

    (function($) {

    var opt = new Array;
    var played = new Array;
    var currentpos = new Array;
    var autoInterval = new Array;

    $.fn.WIPslider= $.fn.WIPslider = function(options){

    init = function(tg){
    opt[] = $.extend({}, $.fn.WIPslider.defaults, options);
    played[] = new Array();
    currentpos[] = 0;

    $('#''').css('background-image', 'none');//remove the preloader image

    $.each($('#'' img'), function(i,item){ //grab the data for each image.
    played[] = $(item);


    if( $('#'' img').length > 1 ) //only do the animation if length more than 1.


    // transitions
    $.transition = function(tg){

    autoInterval[] = setInterval(function() { $.tp(tg) }, opt[].delay);

    $.tp = function(tg){

    if(currentpos[] == played[].length ) {
    currentpos[] = 0;

    if(currentpos[] == -1){
    currentpos[] = played[].length-1;



    this.each (
    function(){ init(this); }


    // default values
    $.fn.WIPslider.defaults = {
    delay : 6000, // delay between div/object
    animateSpeed : 1000 //speed on amimation per div/object




    Without a copy of the theme it’s difficult to fully diagnose the problem and provide a quick solution.

    Important question, raised because the plugin scripts don’t appear to be called automatically is do you see the code:


    somewhere in header.php before the close of:





    No where in the header.php, index, php or any of the different page php files is “wp_head();” called in the code at all.


    Correcting, Nowhere not “no where”. I realized that my grammatical error could have made you think I was asking a question and not making a statement.


    Please insert the wp_head hook before the head closing tag. Otherwise the plugin can’t load the required resources. All modern themes should provide at least the wp_head and wp_footer hook.

    Please insert:

    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    before the head closing tag


    and delete all js/stylesheet references you created in header.php (to the plugins stylesheet + js files).


    Adding <?php wp_head(); ?> and removing the previous js/css references worked perfectly. I am still seeing a conflict between the one js and the fade in/fade out script. I am hoping to get off of work early enough today to really dig into the js file and see where conflicts may exist.

    Thanks again for the prompt and helpful responses.



    I’m very surprised that the


    function wasn’t added, which theme is it?

    You should also check that


    is included in footer.php just before the





    It is the Adinda Theme – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -theme/full_screen_preview/144102.

    Don’t want to advertise for them here so feel free to delete this post once you have checked it out.

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