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    There is a peculiar issue with the vimeo video feature image in “on same page” portfolio overview. The poster images stays on top even if you click for next/ previous project. Any vimeo video poster images just stays on top of everything unless you change the mobile orientation. This doesnt happen if you opt for ” display portfolio on single page” . This issue doesn’t replicate on Iphone. Please let me know if this is something which can be sorted out :-) Please review the website on an android device:

    Also can I know how to make the mobile view options to have two column of portfolio items :-)

    I really love this theme…. Tonnes of custom options, beautifully designed :-) Loved tinkering with it.



    I don’t have an android device but if you can inspect the selector for the vimeo video and target it correct. Please try to add a position: relative and z-index: 0 on it.

    I’m not sure if this is going to work.




    Hey Sarwiya,

    Nice custom work on the portfolio slider, I like it better than the original. I was checking out your site on my Android phone, tablet and PC and it looks the same on each of them. On the home page you have what looks like be a static video titled “iF Award 2012” that is indeed showing up above the Portfolio Slider.

    Actually, upon closer inspection that is exactly what you have going on. I see a static “slideshow_container” div above the portfolio wrapper. The reason you are not seeing it on the single page portfolio section is because the “slideshow_container” is not there. I could be wrong, but I do not think the “slideshow_container” interacts dynamically with the portfolio wrapper.


    Actually when you change the orientation of the mobile device (maybe this is just happening on mine) the stuck poster image goes away and everything looks fine. Maybe this is something to do with flash player 11 for android or is it something we can fix? :-)


    Hi Sarwiya,

    I checked it out on mine (galaxy s2) and didn’t see the issue either. Perhaps its a specific version bug.




    I think this is something to do with latest flash player 11 … because I remember before everything was working fine. :-) It refreshes if you change orientation of the phone and the issue goes away. This is just happening with flash player 11 update for android :-) Thanks anyways.


    Thanks for the additional info. I’ll send the description over to Kriesi and see if he can get a fix out or included in the next update :)




    Well I still didnt get hold on an android device for longer than a few minutes so I wasnt able to reproduce the issue :/

    If anyone else is encountering this problem: additional info is greatly appreciated :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)