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    Hi Kriesi,

    When a vimeo video is being played on the site in a portfolio section and the ‘+’ button is used to go to next portfolio item, the previous video reloads and continues to play in the background (can hear the video audio over the next slide).

    Issue exists in live preview on themeforest as well…

    Any help fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


    Any ideas on this one?


    Hey! unfortunately there is currently no known way for me to solve this issue other than manually pausing the video :/

    This is due to the fact that the video is embedded in an iframe by the wordpress function that creates it and your themes javascript doesnt have access to the iframe content, therefore cant tell the player to stop once a user clicks on a button on your site.

    Once I have found a solution to this problem there will be a fix ;)




    Hi, I’ve just finished my site and when testing everything I’m having the same problem as above (except I’m using YouTube). I love the theme and have it fairly well optimised but it looks really amateurish when you start watching a video, then click on another and the audio from the previous video continues. The is a major problem for me as its suppose to be showcasing my work and it just looks really poor.


    Hey! I can only tell you the same thing, unfortunately. If I or anyone else come up with a smart solution on how to interact with the iframed video I will try to implement that fix. I know its annoying and I indeed hate it having a problem here that seems unfixable for me for a while now, so be assured I will keep looking into it


    OK, but to be fair I feel like I’ve bought something that doesn’t work properly, even if I change it so it opens on its own page when you click on the graphic nothing happens, you have to click on the title for it to work properly…either way doesn’t seem to work properly…


    Hm not sure what you mean, it seems to work fine for me: clicking on the graphic to open the entry works perfectly fine for me.

    Which browser/os are you using?

    maybe we got a browser bug here as well, that would be fixable I guess :)


    Well on this page for example I click on the graphic (the play button) for the first video and nothing happens, maybe I’m missing something.

    Chrome 17.0.963.78

    Firefox 7


    Ah now I get it!

    Well thats indeed a bug I, and one I am able to solve :)

    I have added it to the todo list, watch out for an update during the next days, which will fix the problem ;)


    OK thanks man

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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