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    Hey ,

    i am trying to create a two level toggle with this kind of short code

    [toggle_container keep_open=”false” initial_open=”1″]

    [toggle title=”Title 1″]Title 1 content goes here.[/toggle]

    [toggle_container keep_open=”false” initial_open=””]

    [toggle title=”sub title 1″]sub title 1 content goes here.[/toggle]

    [toggle title=”sub title 2″]sub title 2 content goes here.[/toggle]


    [toggle title=”Title 2″]Title 2 content goes here.[/toggle]

    [toggle title=”Title 3″]Title 3 content goes here.[/toggle]


    but its not working appreciate your help .


    Hi bizmanualz,

    The toggle container isn’t able to support putting another toggle inside of itself.




    Do u by any chance know any plugin that could help me , tried to search a lot but did not find any


    Hi bizmanualz,

    Personally, I don’t know of any. You can try asking the WordPress community though since I’m not totally up-to-date on all the available plugins. Keep in mind though that there’s no guarantee a plugin will work with the theme particularly when it comes to styling and possibly function.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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