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    I have a critical issue here.

    All my product category pages have the following meta:

    <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, follow”/>

    This means Google doesn’t index my product categories, which is extremely bad.

    This is one of my product category pages:

    I am using Yoast Seo WordPress plugin and everything works fine, only the product category pages do not work like they should.

    As you can see, all product pages have the good <meta>.

    I already disabled several plugins that could cause the issue. Also disabled Yoast Seo. That was not the problem. So the issue is theme related. What is the issue here?


    Hi Andredewaal,

    I believe this is actually WooCommerce that sets the pages to noindex,follow. You can try using:


    Hi Devin,

    I actually already tried that :)

    Doesn’t work though. Also, it is the same functionality that is already built in Yoast Seo plugin.


    Hi Andredewaal,

    This is no response on your question, but maybe you can help me.

    1) Looking at for example (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -stainless-steel/

    I noticed the price is listed under the product description:

    Friis 16-Ounce Coffee Vault, Stainless Steel

    Price: $21.25

    How did you get it there ?

    2) Which plugin do you use for social media (twitter/ facebook etc) ?

    Your help is appreciated.


    Someone please help me out here? I am about to throw my laptop out of the window! This is driving me insane.

    @digiaudio: plugin for social media buttons is Sharing is Caring plugin. PHP is your friend :)


    Thanks Andre !

    Concerning your issue, I bet you turned this on . . . wp-admin/options-privacy.php (in the backend of wordpress . . . settings/ privacy)

    >> Sta zoekmachines toe om je site te indexeren. (guess you understand this, since you’re dutch ;-)


    No, that is not on. Of course not… It has to be either in the theme settings or in WooCommerce settings.

    How much did you want to bet? Lol ;)

    So, anyone from the support theme that can help me out here?


    Lol ;-)

    Good luck find a solution !


    Hi Andredewaal,

    You can force the avia framework to make all pages “index, follow” by opening framework>php>function-set-avia-frontend.php then editing line ~312 from noindex to index.


    Yes! That is the solution!

    I would have never ever figured that out by myself, i spent hours finding the problem.

    Thanks so much!!


    Glad we figured it out :)

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