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    Let me just say kudos on the Choice theme. It’s solid and very well done.

    I have one issue. I can’t get the logo/partner section to work correctly. You can see here at

    Could you give some more details on how to configure this like the demo site?



    Please try to regenerate the thumbnails with: or deactivate the greyscale effect.





    I deactivated the grayscale effect and it works, it just does not have the effect I’d like.

    Just to be sure and I apologize in advance if I am overlooking something obvious, but am I overlooking something for this section?

    In the Template Builder, I have an option to upload 5 logos. Is the template generating the greyscale by itself or do I need to do that? Currently I am just uploading the full-color version/

    Thank you again.



    WP will take care of the greyscale image version generation. That’s also why I’d try to regenerate all thumbnails with:

    Best regards,



    I tried regenerating the thumbnails and no dice. I even pulled the image straight off the demo site to make sure it wasn’t some local issue.

    Any other ideas?


    The only way I’ve found to fix it is to set the setting to greyscale and let wp generate the image paths then manually go and recreate greyscale images and upload them.



    I’ll report this thread to Kriesi – maybe he knows a solution or finds a bug in the code.




    Hey! Basically your images are to small and therefor the theme has problems generating a correct greyscale thumbnail but I have already updated the theme 2 days ago with a fix for this, so please download the latest version at themeforest :)

    You will need to re-upload the partner images or use a thumbnail regeneration script like

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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