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    Hi Support,

    I am inserting images in my post and they are not appearing on the slider….

    the image size is correct but they just appear in the post and not on the slider …

    Please help

    thanks in advance




    The slider shows the featured images of your posts. Click on “Set featured image! => “Upload” => Pick image => Use as featured image” on the post editor page (right sidebar near the publish settings field). You need to set a featured image for all posts which will be displayed in the slider.


    Thanks kind sir .. :)

    It worked ….

    One more issue what is the latest version of this theme available, … I have Newscast 2.0.3, actually In my theme Dashboard under > Newcast Options I only have 4 theme options

    > Newcast options

    > Main pageoptions

    > Contact and submit member news

    > Sidebar & footer

    So is there any later version than this one, because in the documentation I can see there are a couple of more options that are missing in mine ..

    any help would be great on this ..





    Newscast 2.0.3 is the latest version, the Documentation file is used as a template for every theme and then edited to suit a new theme. Therefore the documentation might have some additional info/screenshots that don’t apply to the theme.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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