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    I got jitbit macro recorder thanks to you and couldn’t be happier. I just dont like that can’t use the computer while its running, but I got a lot of repetitive tasks I have to do and this thing will save me a lot of time. Also the fact that it makes .exe files opens a lot of potential as well.

    In your case I would export the database as csv, and import it in whatever Apple’s version of Excel is, a spreadsheet. This way , each row is a post/page/portfolio item + translation, broken up into fields which would go like – column A has Italian title, B, Italian body, c, tag1, etc.. and G-M would be the English translation. So you would record yourself enter it, and translate. The very last thing you record is deleting the top row in the spreadsheet that you just entered. This way if you replay it and loop it, you can go to sleep and in morning have the whole thing done (except categories and images, those I think need to be added manually).



Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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