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    Weird issue with images in posts – Propulsion theme –

    Right aligned images have the nice border & centered caption –

    Left-aligned images have no border, background and the caption is left-aligned…

    I can see no other difference other than the right/left alignment. I need to use both types of alignment – could you steer me in the direction of the css that will do this?

    thank you


    Hi jackief,

    Can we take a look at a page that has both right and left aligned images in it. When I did a test of it just now, they both appeared the same except aligned left/right respectively.




    Thank you – I Wish I had taken a screenshot of this for you – but I just changed it with the custom.css. They were left and right aligned properly, the problem was with the border around the image.

    Between base.css and layout.css, there is a difference between border formatting of left and right images in the blog.

    Maybe this is not the way to do it, and maybe there is a good reason for the way it is different, howeverI added it with css in this way and it seems to be ok now:

    .template-blog .entry-content .wp-caption.alignleft {

    border:1px solid black;


    .wp-caption-text {

    text-align:center !important;



    Hi jackief,

    Glad that you fixed it. :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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