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    A while ago a purchased the “wordpress” display theme for my site, I checked the themeforest page for the theme and it does not say it is responsive. I would like to know though are there plans to make the theme responsive? It is a superb theme but I urgently need my site to work on iphones, ipads and mobile phones.

    If this is being worked on could you give us an idea as to when a responsive version is to be released?

    Many thanks

    Kind regards



    Hi David,

    No, it isn’t currently and there are no plans to update it to be as far as I know. It would require a complete re-write of the theme at this point to truly make it responsive which would mean it wouldn’t be backwards compatible even if it was updated (since it would basically be a new theme).

    On an added note, Display hasn’t been updated to work with anything beyond wordpress 3.3 so unless Kriesi does update it a bit, it will start to not work in the newer versions of wordpress as older functions are phased out.




    Hi Devin

    Many thanks for letting me know, such a shame. I love the look of the theme. I will have to re-think.

    Kind regards



    Oh that is very nice to know since we just purchased the theme, now it will stop work as time goes on and as new versions of WordPress comes out.. so as far as you know there will be no more updates… Hmm.. anyway to get my money back so I can by a theme that will stay current for a while that is?????



    @sfranks12: Sorry but you need to contact ThemeForest for refunds.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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