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    I want to first thank you for such nice theme, it is really great work of yours.
    What i need is to set slideshow as header background – only beautifully changing images of header background, any control buttons are not necessary. Have tried it ways i know – added shortcode of slide to header by
    adding <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[layerslider id=”3″]’); ?> to header.php and playing with CSS –
    this did not help. Tried to create blank webpage with slider only and echo it in some php file, setting that php as background of header – did not work either. Also this is very unclean way to do things i think. Maybe you could recommend, how i could do this, are there any ideas?


    Hey ashpacas!

    LayerSlider shortcodes are disabled with the themes included plugin version so the do_shortocde wouldn’t work in this instance. You could try just using a simple jquery slideshow and include the script directly but the z-index issues with the header may be a bit tough.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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