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    I was wondering if it would be possible to use both the wide and the smaller sidebars simultanously?

    Would like to have a wider sidebar on top and the split into two narrow bars.

    This would be cool to have, but my main reason for asking is that I seem to have problems on displaying two

    JPG’s side by side in the wide-sidebar. No matter what I try they just go underneath each other (I checked the total width and it’s around 250px so width should not be a problem) If I place the same code for these images into footer widget they are displayed nicle side-by-side. Same problem (images underneath rather than side-by-side) is present on regular pages.. I must be missing something very simple, but can’t figure it out now…

    any help appreciated..


    It is possible to display the wide sidebar followed by the 2 smaller sidebars but would require modifying the theme quite a bit. You’d need to create a new widgetized area (to display at the top) then modify sidebar.php to display this widgetized area as well.

    You shouldn’t have problems displaying JPG’s side by side – what’s the site URL and I’ll take a look. :)



    sorry for re-activating an old thread. i’d like to have exactly the same: a wide sidebar followed by the 2 smaller sidebars. i tried to modify sidebar.php and index.php but could’t figure it out.

    could you help me with some code?





    this is only possible by doing some major modifications (as James pointed out above). I’m sorry but this something which is beyond the scope of this support forum.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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