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    When selecting to have full screen background slider on home page and choosing to crop images, is it possible to fix an image to the top of the page so the top of the image doesn’t get cut off or to the bottom of the page so the bottom of the image doesn’t get cut off. It seems the default is to centre the image and to cut off top and bottom as necessary. For some images the top or bottom are important and need to be included in. Sorry if this is a bit vague. Hard to explain.


    Hey peterbarlow23!

    Hard to explain indeed, have any screenshots or examples of what you want to achieve?



    Hi Josue,
    Here is a screenshot that hopefully will explain. I want to get the top of his head in the shot…




    Ok, can you post the link to your website please?




    Here is how i see it, without modifying nothing (Chrome / OS X):



    Hi Josue,
    It depends on what screen you are viewing it on. When I look at it on my laptop the top of the image is cut off. What I was hoping to achieve was to be able to fix the image so the top of the image always shows rather than centering the image. If you scale your browser you will see what I mean. thanks.



    No, I don’t think this is possible without rewriting the slider script code but I tagged the thread for Kriesi – maybe he can provide an easy solution.

    Best regards,


    Thanks. It would be great if it was possible.



    It usually takes Kriesi a bit of time to respond just as an FYI so expect at least a few days.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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