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    Hi guys

    I’ve used this superb theme on a couple of sites now and am about to use it again but I need to make the sidebar wider. I’m using the events-calendar plugin, and in the sidebar widget it’s only displaying about half of my calendar. A few other sidebar items look pretty tight, too.

    Is there some CSS I can add or modify to change the width of the sidebar to, say 250px? I’ve had a look through style.css and nothing is jumping out at me.

    Hope you can help – I really want to use this theme but really need to use the calendar too as the client has requested it.




    PS – I’m using a boxed layout if that makes any difference.


    Me again. I think I may have a problem with my installation as it seems the sidebar is much wider on the demo site. Is someone able to have a look at: and see what I mean about the sidebar? I haven’t added any custom code etc, simply used the options in the Broadscope interface. Happy to send on login details via email if you can help.




    Demo site is using the stretched layout, not boxed. Sidebar is wider in the stretched version for some reason.


    I’ve seen some other boxed layouts – ie in the showcase – which have a wider sidebar. I’ve also created two other sites using this theme with the boxed layout and no problems. In this case though the sidebar seems to only be about 140 pixels. I’ve deactivated plugins and it makes no difference.

    Getting a bit desperate now as client wants the site live next Monday! Can anyone help?





    it’s not easily possible to change the sidebar without adjusting some php code. Broadscope uses the grid system and if you change the grid css you’ll break various layouts. The only chance you have is to search all layouts for “grid9” content div and “grid3” sidebar div and to change both like. “grid8” content and “grid4” sidebar…


    Thanks Dude, I’ll give that a go. I’m bemused as to why the sidebar is misbehaving in the first place as it was a clean upload of Broadscope and my other two sites didn’t have display issues at all.


    The problem seems to be the event calender plugin because it forces a width of 250px and won’t scale down.


    Hi Dude, yeah, that Calendar widget won’t scale. Even playing with the code itself, it looked #%*#&*%&#&* when I tried. Anyway, your tip about the grids worked fine and the site looks great on a stretched layout.

    You guys rock.




    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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