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    I want to start selling images / prints one day, and was wondering if it would be possible to add images to the cart from the portfolio pages ?

    I’m guessing this is a woocommerce custom job, ive read a few blogs about adding single items from anywhere on the site to the cart, and in fact im not sure that I would want to add all items in the portfolio to the cart, only some items.

    Not sure why im posting this to be honest as I pretty much already know what the answer will be, I just want to clarify that it is a shop modification and not something that can be done via the theme.

    I would also want to keep the shop page open, but it would be nice to have the option from the portfolio to buy that said image.




    Did you try to use the woocommerce shortcodes inside the portfolio item description? A list of popular shortcodes can be found here:




    ohh, thanks for the link thats exactly what I was looking for, cant believe I never stumbled upon this on my travels !!!

    Thank you


    Dont suppose if you know I can add shortcodes to the lightbox popup ?

    I’m adding it and the HTML is messing the popup

    My alternative method is to just add the relevant shop images to the bottom of the blog article, but not ideal as i cant add them to the portfolio

    I guess I might have to read up a little more ;)


    Im getting there

    If I add a link using HTML character entities like:

    <a href="text.html">hello</a>

    ( your forums wont allow HTML Characters here is the link ? >>

    The popup will display a working link and display correctly

    If I use a shorcode for example:

    [product id=”99″]

    it displays the HTML as text.


    Hi xGSTQ,

    Unfortunately the lightbox plugin doesn’t have support for shortcodes. You would have to put int he html that the shortcode generates instead of the shortcode itself.

    So you could add the shortcode to the page then view the source of the page and copy that little bit to then be pasted where you want it. That *should* do the trick but it takes a bit of extra steps.




    I want to use the ‘add to cart feature’ for portfolio items but use only one product ID for all images. Is there anything I could put in a woocommerce short code that tells me what picture was ordered?

    Again, it’s about avoiding to list every product as a separate item or a product variation.

    A workable solution would be to have a short code like this in the portfolio item description:

    [add_to_cart id=”” comment=”Picture1354.JPG”]



    No, afaik the add_to_cart shortcode just accepts the id parameter – all options/shortcodes are listed here:

    Best regards,



    Shame. How about this: Can I purchase the woocommerce product add-on plugin

    Setup a ‘Customer input box for my product’ and call it from my portfolio with a prepopulated value?

    [add_to_cart id=”345″ CustomerInputBox=”Picture1354.JPG”]

    Would that fly?


    Looks like somebody has asked a very similar question here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -shortcode


    I’m not sure but probably not because the input fields are also connected to the product id and won’t add a new parameter to the “add to cart” shortcode. However I don’t want to claim something wrong and I’d recommend to contact the woocommerce support team: for more details


    Okay thanks. I just wrote them. I’m considering to use the photos and swatches plugin as a work-around. But this is not ideal.


    Hi tidegeist,

    That is the best route as our support for WooCommerce directly is pretty limited (the theme really just wraps the plugin in theme styles and then lets the plugin do the heavy lifting).



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