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    My website is currently running on “Choices” theme. I really liked new “Enfold” theme. Especially Mega Menu is something I really need in my website and it is not there in “Choices” theme.

    I don’t mind in buying new “Enfold” theme. But thing I wish to avoid is lots of data entry and content formatting. I am not sure whether all short code of “Choices” will work on “Enfold”. And not sure what other problem it may have during migration.

    Or I am wrong? Just let me know how easy it would be. So I can make decision.

    Thank you in advance


    Hey Ashish!

    Yes, unfortunately Enfold and Choices are very different (Enfold uses a new template builder and improved framework) and some work would be required to migrate the website.

    1) The slideshow management is not compatible and you’d need to rebuild the slideshows.
    2) The templates you created with Choices are not compatible with Enfold
    3) The shortcodes are not compatible with Enfold.

    If you just need a theme which supports a mega menu I’d suggest to purchase Replete: which also supports a mega menu and it supports the shortcodes you created with Choices. You still need to recreate the templatees (template builder) though.



    Thank you Peter.

    After detailed research I have decided to go with “Enfold” theme. It has many other important features. So we are ready to spend time on entering content all over again :)

    Thank you once again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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