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    When I bought this theme, one of the decisive aspects for me what’s that according to your ‘advertising’ and description in the theme is auto-responsive and appears to work on the iPhone, irrespectively of the operating system on it.

    That’s simply not the case, or at least as simple or straight forward as you claim.

    When I open my site on my iPhone, the main menus disappear and instead I get a search window. The beautifully designed navigation becomes a nigthmare to use, as items get just simply piled up on top of the other and the CSS balance gets wrecked.

    Then when I go directly to the portfolio page the search box enlarges across the page, the little (+), (-) and (x) symbols on the top right hand of the page cover part of the categories on the portfolio page, and the site looks poorly designed or to put it mildly… it looks shit.

    I’ve spent many, many days going through many pains with this theme and I’m running out of patience completely.

    The design I love, but the functionality I hate. Sorry guys. You don’t even have a simple video tutorial for this theme (Angular) despite other users’ repeated request. Go and check with the chaps at WooThemes and get an idea on how to do it properly

    I expect a simple solution from you guys, and don’t give me lots of code to sort out. I’m not a developer and I hate code. According to your advertising I don’t need to know code and I should have a proper site, that works on the iPhone, up and running with ONE click. That’s misleading advertising and that’s illegal!!

    Give me a proper, simple workable solution in the next 24 hours (sorry time and patience run out) or give me my money back.

    And by the way get yourselves a proper spell checker, your instructions are peppered with misspellings all over the place. Very poor attention to detail indeed. ;-((((((((((((



    As we can’t provide a “proper” solution within 24 hours and your’re the first one who complains about a bad main navigation on iphones please go for the refund. You need to contact envato in this case. If we receive more complains regarding the navigation we’ll look into the issue but it works fine on my mobile phone (Symbian) and on Android phones I tested and I’m sure Kriesi tested it on his iphone too. Maybe you didn’t set up the menu properly (Appearance > Menus)….

    Best regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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