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    i just checked my installation using my iphone and ipad. When hovering over a product within the product listings page i do not get the add to cart or details info being displayed. clicking on the big image doesn’t do anything… while clicking on the text leads me to the deails view. within the details view.. hoovering over the bigger image in order to reveal the zoom which is suppose to cover to the copy on the right side doesn’t work… instead when clicking on the image or the little thumbs the larger view being loaded into the browser by itself.

    how am i suppose to fix that?


    checking your demo page on your domain though with an ipad works… now I am confused…


    I am using the latest theme and the latest woocommerce plugin… and I haven’t made any changes to the configuration etc…


    Hi Chris,

    Did you import the dummy data into your site and see if that worked originally?


    yeah i actually did… though today i went through the whole installation process again… and now it is working almost 100%. the only thing that is not perfectly working is the following: when using the zoom option for the images and having the zoomed in version being displayed… than moving away the zoom doesn’t hide again


    Hmm, are you testing locally or on a live site?


    live, though not accessible to the public yet

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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