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    I set up my blog with the sentence theme. I would prefer to have galleries images autorotate with the fade setting. Works great on the desktop, but on the iPhone/ iPad the home/frontpage flashes and reloads the entire page each time an image fades to another. This is not a good option and is super annoying on those devices. If I turn autorotation off, the image navigation circles or arrows does not render in the bottom of the image on those devices, so there is no way to know or be able to select through the gallery. Since my preference would be to have galleries autorotate, can you explain why or how to fix the reload/flash issue when viewing on smaller devices? Or at a minimum if I turn it off, then why the image navigation does not render on those?

    Please advise. My site is



    I will forward this to the other support staff since I don’t have a smartphone or ipad to check it.




    Would be great to get that fixed. I have the same issue on my iPhone, i pad as well as on my macbook using Safari. The site is flashing each time a new image is fading in. Works fine in firefox ;)


    Just a quick update on the issue. Its been flagged for Kriesi to take a look at so we will hopefully have an update/fix coming soon.




    actually it doesnt relaod the page, there is a webkit (the browser engine which is used by mobile safari) glitch that lets the whole page flicker. I will see if I can add an update to fix this with the next patch…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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