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    Hi there,

    I’d like to ensure iPhones and iPads can view my site.. What settings should I select? I just installed your awesome display theme on a fresh install of WordPress. Everything works well when viewed from Chrome, however, when I visit it on my iPhone, the slider is blank.

    Prior to purchasing the theme I checked your Display demo with my iphone and it was “rescued” by jQuery. =) Will you please help

    Speaking of iPads and iPhone. The desk I’m looking at as I am typing this rocks! Perfect timing on the iPhone to my left. ;)

    Best regards,



    I don’t believe this is a feature of the theme. If you are wanting it to be accessible on the iPhone you’ll need to use the jQuery slider or use an if else statement in index.php that detects iOS devices.


    Honestly, I bought the theme with the understanding this feature is a function of the theme. I tested the “Display” theme’s live demo with several browsers with and without flash. The live demo seamlessly switched to jQuery slider when browsing it without flash. This is actually the main reason I chose the theme.

    Will someone please be so kind and point out where I can add an “if” statement to make this work. I am assuming this will require an “if” statement to utilize jQuery slider if the browser has no flash installed. But please help.

    Best regards,



    Actually this “if” statement is already included. Display loads the jQuery slider automatically if the flash slider doesn’t work (i.e. because flash player isn’t installed). I’m not sure why it doesn’t work for you at the moment but I wouldn’t mess around with the code because the feature is already part of this theme.

    So the demo works for you but your website doesn’t? I tested it on my test server and with the demo and the switch jquery/flash worked perefectly. Maybe there’s an initialization problem? I.e. if your server provides the javascript files to slow this can happen.


    Hi Dude. Thanks for commenting :) I just figured it out a moment ago. For anyone with future concerns, the jQuery slider only works if you add images in the image manager.

    Hmm.. I wonder if they can include a file that will populate all of the fields to help us quickly set up.

    Best regards,



    Glad that you solved the problem.


    Thanks Dude. :) I’m having fun learning all this stuff. I remember building my first html site on angelfire when I was 11 years old. I thought I couldn’t catch up with all the great things happening today! However, it is pretty similar still.. Just that now, we have more tools! Like CSS for styling and making nice layouts. jQuery with a ton of great things in their library. I just wish I can keep going in hopes to be able to help people out in the future. =)

    My name is Mark by the way. It’s nice to meet you and I appreciate the people who helped me out so far in the past couple months.

    Take care,



    what image manager are you talking about? Is it the one on the display options panel titled mainpage slider?


    Yes :)

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