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    I have 2 issues I hope you can help me with. url is:

    1- On iPad, hitting a menu item down not scroll but reload the page there.

    2- My client wanted to put all portfolio images with thumbnails seen. So we added all pics into different portfolio items and categorised them. So now, we have 15 items in each category and they are displayed as 3 picture per page. there are 4 rows of these. You can see them in Gallery page. But now, lightbox does not work because the are in different posts. What should I do to collect the pictures in the same category, under the same lightbox so users can click and see all 15 pictures in one lightbox.

    thanks in advance,




    Sorry for the delay but my daughters decided to wash their ipad. At least it wasn’t plugged in. So at the moment I have no way to test it.

    Hi I am getting an error with a missing file

    ***You are using Coalition 1.5 when the latest version is 1.7 which includes multiple fixes. Please sign on to using the account you’ve used to purchase this theme to download the update. Please be aware that the update will overwrite every single theme file including custom.css , so make sure that you make a backup and then add back any customizations to the template files that you’ve made.

    For the prettyPhoto (lightbox) gallery which includes all the portfolio images please make a backup then open up /js/avia.js and look for line 746 which looks like


    and change it so that line 746 looks like the code below


    If you can’t find the line, you will need to update your theme first.





    Thanks for the reply and sorry about your IPad. I’m happy no harm came to your children.

    I Checked themeforrest but the site still hosts ver 1.5.

    I gues its not approved yet. Can you give me a link to download the latest version or some other way to get it please?

    Thanks in advance,



    I sent an email to Kriesi about the Coalition theme version. Let me tag the rest of the support team..





    Have you actually logged in and downloaded the latest update and looked at style.css for the version number or have you only looked at the theme’s page on themeforest? Please download the theme again and check style.css, because version 1.5 is from September 30. And version 1.6 is from November 1. You will need to log into themeforest using the account you’ve purchased the theme with, and you will see the option to download the latest theme version. (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -theme-version <– It also states here that latest version is 1.7




    Hi, I finally managed to download the theme 1.7. I made lots of alteration s so it’ll take a while to upgrade it.

    But about the light box issue, I added your code “el.attr(‘rel’,’lightbox[1]’);” ,

    the new problem is:

    I have 3 thumbnail per page and 5 pages for each gallery

    after changing the code,

    if I click an image in the first page, it shows 16 images instead of 15 and if I click on a innre page image, it shows only 3 images n light box and show images in other categories.



    Please look at video I made .. It shows best way to update a theme without losing customization to template files. Its a bit long but I wanted to be thorough.’

    A lot of changes have been made since version 1.5 of the theme which in nearly 8 months old. Please install the current version because otherwise I will be trying to fix bugs that were already fixed by the update. I tried the code I gave you on my local install and I do not see it. Please let us know when you are all updated.




    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for the video, It helped a lot.

    I updated the theme as you explained in the video. But the issue still remains.

    Let me explain again:

    You can see the 4 galleries, each hold 5 pages with 3 images per page.

    After I add your code, the lightbox works but here are 2 problems:

    1- If user clicks an image at the first page of a gallery, without changing pages, there are 15 images he/she can scroll through. The problem is, 15th image is not the right image. first 14 are right, but 15th is a featured image from a news post.

    2- If user changes page and then click an image thumbnail, the light box opens but user can scroll through only the 3 images in that particular page.

    PS: We tried hard but could not understand your comment about the balance on Kriesi TF account. What do you say there? :)

    Thanks in advance,


    And I forgot the other issue, I dont know if its becouse of a customization I made but, the menu does not scroll, but reload on ipad.



    Please change the code back to how it was originally.

    Instead just use this shortcode, changing the number of images, and adding the ID numbers of all the images you want to include. You can get the ID numbers by going to the media library and hovering your mouse over the links of images

    [gallery link="file" include="412,414,416,422,433" columns="4"]

    Add this shortcode to your gallery page by changing the view from visual to text when you edit the page

    I think both of your issues should be solved by the above step.

    My iPad is not working at the moment (kids broke it) and I cant test it. But if you can make a screen cast to explain what you mean by menu doesn’t scroll, I can try to figure it out.

    In the Video I said ‘have a good day, and that’s not his account”. I was joking around and just made it look like it was.



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