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    Hi Kriesi,

    1- I would like to have a WIDGET that displays the options for quick reference (into a side navigation bar) for “IN_STOCK” or “OUT_OF_STOCK” conditions. What do you recommend to achieve this..? I thought about using Attributes and add them to the Woocommerce Layer Nav Widget, but I will have to change this manually, and per Item, every time I make a sale. Any other ideas on how to achieve this in a more automated way..?

    2- Could I exchange the naming system from “OUT_OF_STOCK” to the name “SOLD”…..?

    Thanks for any help..!!


    Hi Artbyarch,

    Could you clarify what you mean for me, I’m not quite sure I understand what you would like to do.




    I am showing products on the website that are ‘OUT OF STOCK’ (since I do want to keep displaying them as a gallery show)

    BUT at the same time, I would like to give the option to clients to select ‘IN STOCK’ only (…as an option located on the side menu??) to understand what’s available for immediate sale.

    Should I create a Widget to display this type of option..? if so, how…?

    make sense..? Thanks again for the reply Devin.



    1) These text strings are part of the WooCommerce plugin. There’s no way to change it in the theme files. You can try to use the plugin language files (po/mo files located in the woocommerce/languages folder) to change the text from “OUT_OF_STOCK” to “SOLD”. You can use tools like poedit to edit these files.

    2) I think this will require a custom widget. We can’t provide help for this task because it’s beyond the scope of this support forum. However you can ask for help here: or (if you don’t want to buy something from Woothemes) here: or suggest a new feature here:


    Thanks Devin..!

    1- The Translation works perfect..! DONE..! :))

    2- For the custom Widget I will check on the links provided.

    Thanks again for your help..!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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