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    My temporary shop is not functioning properly in any Internet Explorer version. I am still compiling all the information for the full site. But the client needed the shop up and running now, hence the temporary site.

    Everything functions perfectly in Firefox, Chrome and Safari – I have all these browsers on my computer and I have tested all of them including making purchases. I don’t have IE as it is not compatible with any of my Mac’s.

    After adding products to the cart, when you click on View Cart and/or Checkout, the website tells you there are no products in your cart. I have a number of people in various locations try this with the same result.

    The client has not been able to process a number of orders today because of this. FYI he also uses IE version 10. My client has a lot of his clients who use IE, so it’s important that it works.

    I am using the latest version of Abundance and the latest Woo ecommerce plugin.

    I have put a message on the front of the website explaining there we are currently experiencing problems with IE and that we hope to fix this soon. I have also given them an email to order direct.

    Hope you can help in a hurry.

    As always, thanks.

    FYI I am on Australian eastern standard time.


    Just in case you need the link.




    I tried to reproduce the error on my pc but everything works fine for me here: – please ask them if this problem occurs for some products only or if they use any browser plugins, etc.


    Hey Dude

    Thanks for the quick help.

    My client has tried with all products and gets the same results. As I said he is using the latest version of IE. I had a few other people try with various products – same.

    Not sure what you mean by browser plugins

    But my client literally knows how to access the internet, look around, find what he wants and buy.

    As I said I have gone through the whole process – up to purchase with PayPal and not had any issues – BUT I don’t use Internet Explorer.

    I just want to resolve this.

    its about 8.45pm my time – around for a bit.

    Hope you can help me resolve this.

    Thanks for the ongoing help.


    FYI The people who have experienced the problems are all using IE and from Australia

    Would this make a difference?


    I got a friend to try a purchase using IE. She only used products from the cod cruncha category. She experienced the same problem.


    Hey guys

    Looks like the problem was with Internet Explorer. It seems to be working again.

    Hope it stays that way.

    Thanks again.



    Lol – glad that it works again :)

    Best regards,


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