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    Since I have update the version in Corona, when I open the site in Internet Explorer – it appears a huge space in the top of the website with nothing on it.

    What I did wrong? :P





    I think a plugin or custom script causes this issue. Please remove or try to deactivate them.




    Hi Pete,

    I tryed to deactive all the plugins and it is still a mess. I really need help! :P

    Actually I think is a custom script that i added before the updates for Corona. The problem is I dont have a clue where did I put it :P

    Help Peter! lol

    Tks in advance as always,



    Hi Bono,

    I took a look at the site but unfortunately with so many plugins active and adding things in I’m not really sure what is responsible for the error in IE. If you can disable them all and leave them off for a while we can try and take a look then.


    Hi Devin

    70% of the plugins are now unactive. Can you check now? :)


    Oh btw if you guys need the username and password to enter let me know your email so I can send it to you :)


    Help!!!:) 90% of the plugin are now turn off :))


    Devin? Peter?



    I know Im being a pain in the arse but half of my customers enter trow Internet Explorer. We also are waiting to fix this so we can launch our Google Adwords campain. We really need help here, as we dont have any programer with us.




    Yep, I will post once a day until someone listen to me :)


    Hi Bonovox,

    Looking at the site right now, I don’t see the original issue. If I remember right, it was related to a plugin using google+ so I’m guessing turning that off was the fix.

    If it was, and you’ve identified the offending plugin, I’d be interested to know exactly which one it was.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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