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    I have set up the following site using this theme: http://www.zitf.net/wordpress

    All looks great so far in Safari, Firefox and Chrome but when viewed in IE6 and IE7 the layout seems to completely fall apart. The site doesn’t centralise in the window and the content has huge white spaces. I have made some changes in the CSS using the Corona backend but even when I clear these changes, the problems seem to continue.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.




    IE6 is a very old browser version and many designers have dropped the support for it since it’s just too hard to customize everything for an old browser. Same goes for IE7, though it should be better – this is also stated on the Corona page on Themeforest, the layout might be a little different but all the content should still be shown (with the exception for some flash content). My IE7 tester reproduces the same errors you’re describing. Again you should keep in mind this really is an older browser and people are moving away from old versions. I did some googling and I found this I really hope this can help you.

    It’s very time-intensive for us to go in and recreate your site and then edit it over and over again and test it for IE7 until it brings up a solution as there are so many factors playing in IE7.


    Thankyou for the advice. I’m aware that IE6 should be phased out but it is still being used by many companies worldwide. One of the reasons I purchased this Corona theme is because it indicates that it is IE7+ compatible. The website I’m working on is for organisations based in Zimbabwe where the level of computer hardware and uptodate browsers is far behind that of the West so I’m afraid IE7 compatibility is a must.

    It looks like I may have to look at an alternative theme



    I see you’ve already started working with Newscast. I just got back to this topic and after checking my own local installation everything displays fine in my IE7 tester. This leaves me wondering if my previous analysis might have been wrong.

    Previously I tested your site in the tester and I figured IE7 was just being as annoying as always. I’ve just tested the theme for IE7 on my personal server and it works fine. So now I’m wondering what could have caused your issue. Are you still interested in solving this? Does a clean installation work? I apologise for the inconvenience.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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