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    Hi, I’ve upgraded to IE9 because customers are telling me my site does not work in IE9.

    The problem: the main slider does not load images nor does it animate. You can verify here when you have IE9:

    I also ‘tested’ the demo on themeforest; it has the same problem: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -magazine-and-blog/full_screen_preview/91058

    Any help is appreciated!


    This might help understanding the problem.

    For more clarity on what i see i made a screenr recording:

    When i open the theme from the url it does not work. But when i press reload (on the Kriesi demo link: it does work?

    The reloading does not work on my site – I do have the latest version of _most_ files…

    Updated today.


    Small update: been searching on the how and why and the weird part is: of all the Newscast installs I found of other users – non work _always_. But Most of them work sometimes (after a reload when the stars align, the moon is visible and its an even number of seconds??!? …).

    IE8, FF and Chrome work perfectly. Any insight in this is welcome.



    I’ll report this bug to Kriesi.


    This is fixed with the latest custom.js version (18 march 2011).

    Thanks for the quick solution!


    Glad that the update solved the ie9 issues :)


    Where can i get the fix or update?

    Best Regards



    you can download it at – Login and go to the “Downloads” section.


    Cannot find the “Downloads” section at Please help me out here!



    login and click on My account. Afterwards you’ll see a menu with “Profile”, “My settings”, “Downloads”, “History, etc.

    Click on downloads and you’ll see all purchased items in a list.


    More correctly: I log into my profile at Themeforest and go to “Downloads”, but I cannot find any “custom.js version (18 march 2011)” , nor do I find Avisio in my purchase record. I purchased Avisio Oct. 12th 2010.



    custom.js is part of the template (so it won’t show up @themeforest

    Avisio should show up in the list of purchased items – if not please contact themeforest with your purchase id so that they can check what’s going on.


    Thanks again Dude! I found my download under another Themeforest user account.. But I still have some questions: Where should I put the custom.js. file? Must I change the whole template and set up my Avisio again to be updated?


    Solved! Looked the wrong place as usual.. Thanks again Dude!


    Glad that you solved the problem :)


    I have just got the stand alone version and have the problem with IE9. There does not seem to be an updated set of files in the download package so was the update just done on the wordpress one. The custom.js file in the current download is dated march 2010?

    Appreciate some help getting it to work on IE9.



    can you eleborate please – what do you mean with stand alone version? The html version? If yes I’ll ask Kriesi if he updated it. (I asume you use Newscast).


    Hello, I have the same problem. And I am using the HTML template also. I cannot find any updated files for download. Help!!

    I will be happy with only instructions on what to add/modify inside the custom.js file if that is any faster or easier for you. Our customer are calling to say the site is not loading properly so obviously this does not look good!

    Thank you for your help

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