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    Hi there

    Our webpage – using Incarnation Theme on WordPress 3.7.1 – only displays a smiley in IE9 and lower. Here the URL ( Any idea what is happening?

    Plugins used:

    Rel Publisher
    Wordpress Database Backup

    Thank you

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    It seems to be the Disqus Commenting System that causes this behavior. Can anybody attest to this? Can anything be done to change this, as Disqus is a great system to use?

    Thank you



    I couldn’t see a smiley when I tested the website with IE9 (IETester and IE dev console):
    How can I reproduce the issue?



    Well, obviously I removed Disqus when I learned that it caused the problem. I will not use it any more unless you tell me that the issue has been fixed.

    Therefore you must reproduce the issue with a test site using the Disqus commenting system to see the smiley.




    If you mean the small smiley face in the bottom left hand corner, that is caused by the WP Stats plugin.

    Best regards,

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