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    Hi Kriesi + team,

    I have just completed our companies new website using the Eunoia theme. A good 4 months work in total.

    I have just had a complete panic attack upon realisation that a majority of our customers are NHS customers in the UK. They are so highly regulated they appear to use IE7 across the whole of the UK (having rang some of our key clients).

    I am using a beastly windows 8 machine running the latest everything. This is making it extremely difficult to test what versions it works with!

    The site does not work in IE6 at all which I can accept. IE6 is about 7 years old now so it is not such an issue that it does not work at all in IE6. However 7 is used by our main customers.

    Does it work in IE7 and is there anything I can do to improve compatibility. I do not care if I have to remove all of the javascript effects if I can get the site to view in a reasonable state in old browsers!

    Please advise I need to resolve this as quickly as possible.


    Hi orthoticmarketing,

    The template doesn’t support IE7 unfortunately and most of the industry no longer does either. With IE10 being released in October of 2012, most companies including Google and Twitter completely stopped support IE7 and below.

    Envato (Themeforest parent company) also dropped the requirement for themes to support IE7 about 2 years ago.

    Your best route would be to find a computer you can test IE7 on and then fix whatever you can.




    Are there any scripts or anything I can remove to improve the compatibility?

    I have checked the site and it appears to function correctly on IE7, IE8 and IE9 within reason. There are a couple of font issues though but nothing too major.



    These are basically css issue. Lots of new css properties are not supported by IE7 anymore and a lot of these properties are being used by the theme. To point every one of them is nearly impossible and will take a lot of time. If you visit this link:

    Look for Compatible Browsers, IE7 is not included.

    Most scripts can be found on js > avia.js. The theme will still function without it but will definitely lose the style that Eunoia should have. You can disable the script on functions.php, find this code

    wp_register_script( 'avia-default', AVIA_BASE_URL.'js/avia.js', array('jquery'), 4, false );

    Remove it. Features like Ajax portfolio, hovers, menu styles, lightbox will no longer work.




    Thanks for the help. I have added a warning message for ie6 and ie7 only which will help smooth things over, we can then see if we get any complaints!

    I will see what things look like after the scripts are removed.


    Hopefully this well help users/IT to upgrade from IE7 since very soon it wont be supported anywhere and phased out in use.



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