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    Hello. I bought Newscast theme recently and I’m translating it to Portuguese because the site would be in that language.

    I’m not using any automatic program to do it. I’m translating word by word, like Categories, Archive, Comments to Portuguese. What’s the problem. I think I’m 95% done but when I tried to look what would be the aspect, the words with “á” or “ç” or characters not used in English appear as a “?”. I know it’s probably a font problem. Maybe the font doesn’t support this characters.

    What do I need:

    -I need to know how can I change the font and what font must I choose to solve the problem.

    -changing the font won’t mess with general aspect ratio? I like the original aspect so I don’t want to change very much in the original.

    Thanks in advance.



    it’s not a font problem but a character encoding problem. You can’t use the special characters directly in php files (or po files) but you can use html entities. Have a look at this page/table: to find the right ones.


    Thanks Dude for the quick answer.

    I tried your solution at it seems it resolved my problem.

    There isn’t any other way to do this? In my posts, I control easily and I can arrange some automatic way to make the substitutions. I’m thinking in the comments area. Since each visitor don’t know about this problem, I must correct each one.

    Thanks for the solution.

    P.S. If I edit directly in WordPress, using wp-admin, I can use the characters without having to use the HTML Entities. The problem seem to be when I edit offline and upload the files. Is this normal? If that’s the case, I can live with it :)



    In WP admin you should find that you can use special characters without needing the character entities, if you run into problems it’s probably best to stick to HTML view not the Visual Editor.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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