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    Could you please tell me how create twitter, facebook, pinterest, rss, google plus icons on footer in Interesting Stuff area like on your site example?

    Thank you.


    Hi sergeylandar,

    Just go to Appearance>Widgets in your WordPress admin and then you can add widgets to your Footer – column widget areas. The column1 on the Choices Demo is called Choices Twitter and RSS count.

    For the other Social Icons, you can use your own icon images and add links to them using something like the Text widget.




    Thank you Devin. It’s working..

    How i can add new widgets like ‘facebook’, ‘pinterest’, ‘google plus’ to the Available Widgets?


    By the way, do you know why after adding widget to the ‘Footer column 1’ , this block disappear on website on footer?


    Once you add a widget to any of the footer areas, the rest of the default widgets will be removed too so that you can choose your own. Just re-add in the widgets in the order and layout you’d like.

    You can get other widget types by looking for and adding additional plugins.




    Could you please recommend some plugins? I like how it looks like on theme. With icon and numbers of followers.

    Thanks for help.


    Thats the included plugin called “Choices Twitter and RSS Count”. I’m not familiar with any other plugins that do something similar though we do have a topic on recommended plugins here:




    Looks like after drag and drop widget “Choices Twitter and RSS Count” on footer i dont see twitter and rss. How to fix it?



    Hi sergeylanda,

    Can you post a link to your site? so we can check it further.




    Please check :



    It looks like you are still getting all of the default footer widgets. Double check that you are including the widgets into the correct Footer widget area and try filling in the other widget areas as well (footer column2, 3, 4).




    So i making changes now and writing here what i’m doing.

    1. go to widgets

    2. open there ‘footer-column1’, …. 4


    3.1 from available widgets drag and drop ‘choices twitter and rss count’

    > to ‘footer – column 1’ (for twiiter added ‘aResponsiveWeb’, for rss added ‘’ ), click ‘save’

    3.2 pages

    > ‘footer – column2’ (sort by page id), click ‘save’

    3.3 categories —-> ‘footer – column3’, click ‘save’

    3.4 archives

    > ‘footer – column 4’, click ‘save’

    4. , enter ctrl+f5


    1. how add title to column1 like ‘INTERESTING LINKS’

    2. how add description like ‘Besides are some interesting links for you! Enjoy your stay :)’ to column1

    3. what wrong with rss? because i dont see it? meybe because i dont have followers?

    Thank you for your help, Devin.


    for question 1 and 2 find answer:) using widget ‘text’


    Hi sergeylanda,

    As to question #3, I checked my install of Choices and am unable to get the RSS icon to appear on mine either. Like you I have no followers so I’m going to tag the rest of support team to get their opinion as to the cause.




    Hi sergeylandar,

    I believe the RSS follower count will only work if you are using Feedburner for your RSS.



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