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    I’m setting up a rather complex portfolio and need to integrate Infinite Scroll with the portfolio section. I’ve done this before with a previous site, but am having some difficulty with the Replete theme. I’ve already installed the Infinite Scroll plugin, and am now trying to configure it with the appropriate CSS selectors. I’ve been running into difficulty finding the correct selectors, even with the help of a code inspector. I also need to figure out what must been done to Isotope in order to make it work with Infinite Scroll. I looked this up at the Isotope website, and it said that Isotope is inter-operable with Infinite Scroll, by using the “append” function. I am using portfolio categories and must maintain those with Infinite Scroll. I can turn off the animation effects as well if required, so long as the filters still work for their respective categories.

    The truth is, I may need a little help on this one. I was wondering if perhaps I could hire either Kriesi or one of his assistants for this. I could hire a separate developer, but I’d rather have the person that created this theme do the work, since they are already familiar with the setup. This is probably a very quick project in the right hands.

    Please let me know if Kriesi could do this for me, or, if I can contact him directly and ask. If you have another option for me, or even helpful information, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks ahead of time!

    ~ Michael


    Hi Michael,

    Kriesi isn’t available for freelance work as far as I know unfortunately but I’ve tagged the topic for another of the support crew who may be able to shed some additional light on integrating in Infinite Scroll.

    I’ll tag myself as well if I have some extra time later on to dig a bit further into doing it with the Plugin.




    Hello Devin,

    Thank you for the prompt response. I had a feeling Kriesi wasn’t going to be available for something like this, but it didn’t hurt to ask. In all honesty, this is an extremely important installation for us. We are using the Replete theme for the new version of our company’s official website. In other words, this isn’t for one of our clients, but for us personally. We are actually a small web development and internet marketing firm.

    The reason this is so critical for our site is because we have a lot of portfolio to show. If we use pagination with the filters, then you simply do not see a lot of portfolio. As you know, when you select a filter it only filters from the currently selected page. We had a similar issue on our original site and had to install infinite scroll for the same reasons. It’s just a lot more practical to load portfolios quickly and show everything on one page.

    I am 99% sure infinite scroll can work with isotope. I checked this out already on isotope’s site, and they clearly said it can work together. The only thing I’m not sure about is the use of the css animation. That may need to be disabled when infinite scroll is in place. I’m a developer myself, just so you know… but I am more front-end then back. I can do some back-end stuff, but within limits. I usually work with contractors on things I cannot handle myself.

    Anyways, I realize this is not a support request. This is really a small contracting request. But I am certainly willing to pay for the work. It should be a small job I think. I already installed infinite scroll as a plugin. In fact, I just learned it can be installed as a plugin. On our old site it was installed manually. The plugin works by simply using css selectors to identify the points where the script must operate. It’s straight forward stuff, if you know exactly where to look.

    Thank you for looking into this for me. I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important. Fyi, I can be reached on Skype at “digitalragellc”. Please feel free to message me there to discuss more.

    Please also tell Kriesi that he designed an amazing theme here. We chose it after a very extensive search for an ecommerce wordpress theme. In a few months our new site will launch with this.

    Ok, so I’ll be watching for your next comments…


    ~ Michael


    I worked on two isotope projects in the last 3 weeks and I learned that isotope projects can be pretty time intensive. Personally I’d use the Infinite scroll jquery script (and not the wp plugin). Btw I implemented the jquery script on my website too:

    If you like I (or my partner from can look into it – please use the contact form here: to send us a mail and we’ll see if we can help you. However please include some word about your budget – we need to check some things before we can make a quote and tbh it doesn’t make much sense if we spend some hours of work to make a quote which (eventually) doesn’t match your budget at all…


    Hello Dude,

    That’s good to hear you have experience working with isotope. I had installed the Infinite Scroll plugin because it seemed to be convenient, and was promoted right at the Infinite Scroll website. I figured it was most likely built on the same back-end as the non-plugin version, but I don’t know for certain.

    I’ll go ahead and email you now through your website like you suggested. I understand that you must first assess the hours involved before quoting me. I’ll try to give you a general idea of budget in my message. Hopefully we can come to a fair agreement.

    Talk to you soon…

    ~ Michael


    I’ll go ahead and close the topic for now :)



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