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    Updated to WordPress 3.7.1 today and all looked well, but discovered strange things with images inserted into a page. And only on the pages created after the update. How to fix these?

    1) The image has a 10px top and bottom border with the expected much thinner size on left and right. Tried making padding-top or margin-top -5px to adjust it and that creates black space between image and frame or messes up spacing from text. I can add padding to left and right and it works fine BUT this thick frame looks retarded!

    2) The magnifying glass overlay for hover effect to activate lightbox is not longer centered on the images inserted into the page content,. It is now off centered and shows up about 1/.3 of the image width to the left side. Also looks retarded.

    Currently I have removed the link for the lightbox, but can’t seem to get the image frame and background to behave. I have seen this happen with the theme before a while back if the image was wider than the column or page. This however is not the case now.

    How do I fix this?



    Hey mobetta!

    You’ll have to downgrade, Avisio only supports WordPress 3.3 and below.



    Your stellar support amazes me. You do realize that this version of WordPress is TWO YEARS out of date? Running that is asking for trouble with backdoor entry.

    For anyone who happens along looking for the best solution to this issue…

    Do not center images in the page. Use NONE as the alignment and in the Advanced tab of the WordPress insert image window you can adjust the alignment on the page with this in the Style box: margin:left:85px;. That size margin is for a full width page so if the page has a sidebar you’ll have to adjust the margin width by reducing the pixels.

    I haven’t solved the lightbox overlay magnifying glass issue yet. In this site inserted images farther down the page are really big so no lightbox is really needed. It doesn’t do this off center thing with smaller images like 2 set in columns across the page.

    Hope that helps some other unfortunate soul still using the grossly out of date Avisio theme.



    Unfortunately that’s how things are, as far as I know Kriesi will not be updating the theme for future releases.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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